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Safety Operation Attentions of Covnentional Lathe.

1. Before operating the machine,the operator must wear the working clothes and fasten the button well. It is forbidden to keep sleeve cuff open when running the machine. It is also forbidden to wear gloves. Strictly prohibit to wear and take off clothes near the machine to prevent machine twist injury. It is prohibit to wear sandals and slippers. Wear protective goggles to prevent the scrap iron hurt eyes.
2 . Before operating the machine, wear labor protection supplies per the requirements of safety operation. Carefully inspect every parts and protection device of machine if all are good and safe. Add lubrication oil and do idle running for 3-5 minutes with low speed, Check the machine if it runs well.
Preparations Before Working
1.      The opeator shall be familiar with the basic knowledge and use of machine structure, function,transmission system and lubrication part. The operator should have qulification and experience to operate the machine.
2.          Pay attention on the lubrication status of machine frequently, and lubricate the machine periodically per lubrication chart to keep the height of oil indication line.
3. Preheating before operating the machine, carefully check if lubrication system works well (enough lubrication oil and cooling liquid). Manually lubricate every components first if the machine is not running for some time.
4. The cutting tool specifications shall be in accordance with machine, change broken cutting tools in time.
5 . Do not forget all tools including the adjusting tool in the machine.
6 . Check the central hole of large shaft parts, it is dangerous if the central hole is too small.
7. Check the clamping status of chuck.
8 .The guide rail should be covered with wooden plate or rubber when loading and unloading chuck and heavy work-pieces.
9. Prohibit to use pedal type machine guard. Recommend to use specially-made footstool.
10. First confirm the position of emergency shut-down button when power on and operate the machine. Guarantee the cleaness of blind side of machine.
11. Machine operation is prohibited when installing the machine guard and other protection cover.
12.Strictly follow the work post responsibility, Specially assigned person can use the machine, otherwise, others can not use the machine without permission.
Safety precautions during working process
1. During machine rotation, it is forbidden to operate the machine by wearing gloves. It is forbidden to touch the rotating part of machine,Transfer and clamping the work-piece and install the cutting tools , add lubrication oil and clean machining chips when machine is running. All above matters should be done when machine is shu-down.
2. During machine rotation, do not test work-piece and brake the rotating chuck manually. When using the abrasive paper,
3. The setting of cutting volume should be refer to machine technical parameters to avoid accident due to overload.
4 .During turning process, after Turnning off the machine, the cutting tool carriage should be return to original position. Please use central support when turning long shaft parts to prevent the work-piece bending & deformation and hurt the operator. The length of bar material should be not exceed the vertical shaft of headstock, turning slowly. Once the length of bar material is exceed, pay attention on the safeguard protection .
5 .During high speed turning process, machine should be installed safetyguard protection . The fixture of work-piece should be clamped steady. If the machining chips splattered, the protection plate should be installed to segregate the operation area.
6 .The operator could not leave the machine area when it is running. Once found machine rotates abnormally, please stop it immediately to check and repair if necessary. When the power is off, turn off the machine quickly and return the cutting tool to the original position.
7 .Standing laterally in the operating position. It is forbidden to standing in front of rotating work-piece.
8 .Immediately stop the machine and feed back to the site management person if happens abnormal phenomenon like non-rotation ,abnormal sound and over-temperature bearing.
9.Clean the machining chips timely like scrap iron in the machining area to avoid injury due to accumulation.
10.The operator is forbidden to play and make fun around the machine.
11.Prohibit touching the rotationg spindle , work-piece and other motion parts by hand.
12. Check bearing temperature usually, professional personel shall check the reason if temperature is too high.
Precautuions after working
l .Clear up chips away and clean the machine, keep the machine and environment tidy and clean.
2 .Pay attention on observing the abrasive oil plate on the machine guide rail, change new one if necessary.
3 .Check the lubrication oil and cooling liquid, change or add if necessary.
4 .Turn off the power of machine and main power in sequence.
5. Prohibit to using compressed air and stressful cooling liquid to clean machine and other sundries.
6.Specify professional person to check and maintain machine. Prohibit non-professional person maintain machine . Turn off the power when maintaining the machine.
7.Clean the machining area and fill in the machine operation record.

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