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    How to select proper lathe ,CNC Lathe, horizontal lathe, roll lathe, floor type lathe, etc?


    How to select proper lathe , horizontal lathe, roll lathe, floor type lathe, etc. Every purchaser shall meet with this question, Now we show you the general method to pourchase a correct lathe.



    1.      Generally speaking, Heavy Duty Horizontal CNC Lathe is used for machining heavy and long work-pieces, such as Cylinders for water industry ad sugar mill industry, shaft for shipyard, shipyard propeller, Oil Pipe industry, etc. Roll Lathe is used for machining steel roll for steel factory, floor type lathe is mainly used for machining flange, tyre mold, aluminum mold, and other disc parts.

    2.      The best way is : the purchaser provides the work-piece drawings with tolerance and material remarks,so that we can recommend best proper lathe or re-design for the customer according to work-piece feactures. In this way, we not only help the customer select the machine type, but also know improve the machining efficiency.

    3.      Or we can laso directly provide the lathe machine catalogue, the customer shall directly select the lathe from our machine catalogue. 





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