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    Large End Face CNC Lathe

    Machine Description

    Standard End Face Lathe can machining not only the end face, ex-circle surface, but also the conical surface of various work-pieces. This machine adopts three supporting structure with good rigidity. Designing flexible lateral chip removal system with good performance. This machine is equipped with separate oil pump with excellent lubrication. The tailstock movement adopts mechanical device with reasonable rotation speed, feed rate and power. This kind of lathe has high rigidity, efficiency, energy-saving, easy operation and attractive appearance.

    CW series End Face CNC Lathe Machines designed by my company adopts new-designed and optimized headstock, which utilizes 3D motion simulation to make the spindle box runs more stable. And this design shifts the gears more smoother. And expand the rotation speed range. 

    Secondly, integration of automatic feed system. This lathe is installed variable frequency converter and servo motor to improve the automatic level of the machine. Meanwhile, it improves the machine accuracy also and reduce the malfunction of the lathe. Besides, it greatly improves the safety and convenience of the lathe machine. 

    The machine has the advantages of large bearing capacity, strong rigid, beautiful appearance and convenient operation. It is mainlay used for turning the internal and external cylindrical surface, end face, circular arc and other shaped surfaces of various parts like tyre mold, disc parts, flange, valves, pressure vessel,mining equipment and so on.

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